Our distributor for Austria

Today we present our distributor for Austria, Krzysztof Stando.

Today we present our distributor for Austria, Krzysztof Stando

Who are you?
My name is Krzysztof Stando and I am the owner and founder of EICH Transport Gmbh

When did you start the business?
I founded the company in 1993

What difficulties have you encountered in your business?
Obviously, the beginnings were the most critical period. Everything that is theory is always different in reality. The honor and responsibility of so many workers is always the most difficult part.

When did you start working with Viesa Kompressor III?
We began installing the product in 2018 and are proud to have it in the catalog. Its electricity consumption makes it a top level product as does its quality. It is, in fact, downright excellent.

Why do you think it is important to equip trucks with parking air conditioners?
The reason is the well-being of the drivers who do very hard work: installing the parking air conditioner relieves the fatigue a lot. Likewise, the fuel consumption of the vehicle is one of the main reasons.

A sentence that describes you?
Never give up!!