COLVEN: 50 years of Global Excellence

Half a century of success, innovation and growth.
COLVEN was born in 1972 and today we proudly celebrate its 50th anniversary.
Colven has expanded its presence throughout the world, with branches in Brazil (Colven Brasil), Spain (EUROCOLVEN), Mexico (Mexicolven) and the United States (ColvenUSA), while in Italy we have been present for over 20 years with ITALCOLVEN.

This anniversary represents much more than just a date on the calendar. It is a tribute to our ongoing commitment to excellence, the ability to face challenges with determination and the willingness to embrace innovation.

Together, we have built strong relationships around the world. We have overcome challenges and embraced the opportunities that change has brought us. We look to the future with renewed enthusiasm, ready to continue driving change and cultivating the talents that make our group extraordinary.

Thanks to you, who helped make this incredible journey possible. You are an integral part of our history, and we look to the future with the certainty that it still holds many opportunities for growth and success.

A warm thank you to everyone who made this extraordinary achievement possible!