Our official distributor for Finland

We are pleased to introduce our official distributor for Finland, MuiCon Oy.

We are pleased to present our official distributor for Finland, MuiCon Oy

Who are you?
MuiCon Oy is a company specialized in HVAC category buses. We support all major manufacturers in repairs, spare parts supply, technical assistance and training. We also have experience and knowledge gained over many years on AC-System buses

When did you start with this job?
MuiCon Oy was founded in 2004

What difficulties have you encountered in your business?
We consider difficulties as defective spare parts to be eliminated from the market

When did you start working with Viesa Kompressor III?
We started working with Viesa Kompressor III in 2018.

Why do you think it is important for trucks to be equipped for air conditioning when parking?
The parking air conditioner is a technically and economically accessible tool for creating comfortable and safe working conditions for our drivers.

A sentence that describes you?
We are a fast, reliable and highly persevering team