Our distributor for Germany

Introducing our distributor for Germany: Sven Minetzke from LKW-Teile24.

Introducing our distributor for Germany: Sven Minetzke from LKW-Teile24

Who are you?
My name is Sven Minetzke and I am the managing director and owner of LKW-Teile24.de. I started my career with a classic car and truck service and repair shop. Today our company is a leader in the supply of spare parts and equipment for commercial vehicles in Germany and we have over 70,000 items in our catalogue.

When did you start with this job?
We launched our shop in 2009 but I have been active in this market for 17 years

What difficulties have you encountered in your business?
Sometimes it is difficult to fully satisfy all the needs of our customers. Managing all requests via email, telephone or even via chat is very demanding. Plus we have to handle all the legal implications of e-commerce. My staff and I had to work hard to align ourselves in the know-how on the topic, since consumer protection is a very sensitive topic in Germany

When did you start working with Viesa Kompressor III?
We started in spring 2019. We are exclusive Viesa partners for Germany and this makes us very proud.

Why do you think it is important for trucks to be equipped for air conditioning while parking?
I have been a truck driver myself, so it is particularly important to me that our drivers work in a comfortable environment, can sleep in maximum comfort and face the road well rested.

A sentence that describes you?
Always at full throttle!