Our distributor in South Korea

My name is James Lee, Overseas manager at EURO AUTO KOREA. We are family owned independent company that offers services for VOLVO,SCANIA,ISUZU,MAN and MB trucks since 2010. We offer various services from painting, bodywork, engine refurbishing and so on. Recently, we formed VIESA dealership here in South Korea and looking forward to offer great products to South Korean truckers.

When did you start this job?
I started this job in 2017. Before, I worked for KPMG in Los Angeles

What difficulties did you find in your business?
Price competitions. This would be a common thing in most businesses Time management. Trucks need to move but sometimes, there are possible delays

When did you start to work with VIESA Kompressor III ?
We stated to work with VIESA in late 2019

Why for you is important that the trucks are equipped with parking cooler?
The most important part would be comfort. Truckers often spend many hours in their cars and when they rest, they should have the best rest in the trucks. I think VIESA Kompressor III satisfy that part.

Write a phrase or word that describe you as person.
I am very positive and visual person. I always think that they are good things when bad things happen. I learn much quicker when I have visual.