We are pleased to introduce our Austrian distributor

Today we are pleased to introduce to our Austrian friend Mr. Stando.
Who are you ?
My name is Krzysztof Stando the owner and founder of the company E.I.C.H. Transport Gmbh.

When did you start the job?
The company was started business since 1993.

What difficulties did you find in your business?
Of course the beginning was one of the hardest parts. Everything that the theory learned you is very different in the practise. The honour and responsibility is one of the hardest to take because you are responsible for multiple workers and for their jobs.

When did you start to work with VIESA Kompressor III?
We have started to work with KIII since 2018 and we are very glad to have it. The consumption of the electricity is top of the line, the quality is top of the line, and actually the whole product is very good.

Why it is important for you, that the trucks are equipped with parking coolers?
The main reason is actually the drivers. They do a very hard work every day and to keep them cool you have to install a parking cooler for their wellbeing. Of course there is a reason that is also important the fuel consumption of the truck.

Write a phrase or word that describes you as a person.